Walk the Land

Saar, Jacob. Hike the Land of Israel  – The full guide to the Israel National Trail and hiking in Israel, including a description of the hike in both northbound and southbound directions and important logistical information. The guide includes recommendations for shorter trips, one day or more.

http://www.israelnationaltrail.com/ Website of the Israel National Trail Data Project and a major resource for those hiking the INT with lots of information including gear, maps, FAQ’s, and a forum for finding hiking partners

http://wikitravel.org/en/Israel_National_Trail Also lots of information including “the Israel Trail experience,” history, and links

http://www.israeltrail.net/resources.html A reference for English speakers who want to hike the Trail

http://teva.org.il/english/israelnationaltrail – Website of the Israel Trails Committee, which has responsibility for the development and maintenance of the Israel National Trail. This site contains a history of the trail, as well as advice on hiking, maps, water placement, and other valuable information.


A People Tall and Smooth

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Marlow, Jen with Aisha Bain and Adam Shapiro. Darfur Diaries: Stories of Survival. Nation Books, 2006

Assaf (Aid Organization for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Israel): http://www.assaf.org.il/en/

Hotline for Migrant Workers: http://www.hotline.org.il/english/index.htm

Kav LaOved (Worker’s Hotline): http://www.kavlaoved.org.il/default_eng.asp

Physicians for Human Rights – Israel: http://www.phr.org.il/default.asp?PageID=4