The Red Canyon

April 13, 2022

Spring hiking in Eilat

I love hiking in the mountains around Eilat. I love hiking with John, with our children and grandchildren, with Shelter volunteers and guests, and with friends. I love introducing people to this stunning scenery. Moses and the children of Israel undoubtedly didn’t hike through the Red Canyon, but they did wander through not far from here. Jesus never made it so far south but he did spend time in the desert.

Due to the Eilat’s extreme heat in the summer, our hiking season is restricted to from October through April so we try to make the most of it during these months. For probably our last hike of this spring season, and certainly with this group of volunteers, we chose the Red Canyon which never ceases to amaze everyone with it's carved out beauty and colors. Besides the scenery, we enjoyed perfect weather and great company.

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Silence (part 1)

October 14, 2022

Several years ago I wrote an article called "Silence" which I want to share with you in two parts. This is part one with the dates and times revised:

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