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The Camino - Walking on the Way

June 1, 2022

Having just returned from two weeks hiking the Camino de Santiago, I’ve concluded that multiple-day walking is one of my most satisfying activities. The Camino in northern Spain is a 750-kilometer ancient pilgrim’s route currently hiked by about 350,000 people a year from all over the world.

Yien: Refugee turned Tourist

July 12, 2022

Yien never imagined returning to Israel after twelve years, having fulfilled his dream of going to Bible school, marrying Jasmin, and with three beautiful boys in tow.


Birth of a Book

September 4, 2022

     Most of us are privileged to experience a birth only a few times in our lives (unless you are a midwife like our daughter who says each one continues to move her). This week, my new book, To Belong: A Novel, is seeing the light and landing in the hands of readers.     

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